Day 12 @ Shoals

The last two days have been full of lectures, films, and discussions.  Everyone emerged from the classroom, bleary eyed, for an adventure over to White & Seavey Islands.  We explored the rocky shore, climbed the lighthouse, and toured the blinds where researchers observe the thousands of terns and their chicks that nest on the island.  Nora, one of the researchers, showed us how they band, measure, and weigh young chicks. Everyone enjoyed meeting Diesel, the 160 pound Newfoundland who lives with them in the old light keeper’s house.

Day 2 @ Shoals

Mary (who helping me as a stellar TA) took me on a hike around the island, and the [14] students arrived at 2:00.  After the usual introductions and walking tour, we took them on an Isles cruise with historical commentary by Dr. Jim Coyle.  A beautiful sunset was beginning when we arrived back at Appledore.