Shoals Marine Lab 2016

Marine Mammal Biology at the Shoals Marine Lab was a fantastic experience this year!!  We had a wonderful group of students from Cornell, Brandeis, Skidmore, UNH, & URI.  Here are some highlights:

Message Bottled in an Email

Amid the dunes of a tiny island in the North Atlantic, a scientist found a sandblasted bottle with a note in it.

WHOI archivist Dave Sherman tracked down the bottle that Joyce found on Sable Island: No. 21588. It was one of 12 released from the research vessel Albatross III on April 26, 1956, at 8:30 p.m. at 42°18’6″N, 65°30’6″W, not far off Nova Scotia. Three bottles from this batch were recovered later the same year—two in Nova Scotia and one in Eastham on Cape Cod.  Given its sandblasted appearance, perhaps No. 21588 came ashore on Sable Island also in 1956, some 300 miles away from its release point, and remained buried and buffeted by dunes until now.

Text via Oceanus Magazine

Day 15 @ Shoals

The students gave their research symposium after brunch and then had free time to explore the island.  I went swimming and sea glass collecting with a few folks.  Then we all went for a hike to the Shoe Tree, where I donated my well-loved PF Flyers (they were falling apart and got stained with seal blood during our dissection).  Then we hiked out to the southern cliffs and got a great view of Star, Cedar, and Smuttynose Islands.  Our evening ended with a screening of Finding Nemo.