Eg2301 Feature in Hakai Magazine

The story of Eg2301 (chronically entangled North Atlantic right whale) is featured in Hakai Magazine this month.  Read on for a glimpse into the life and death of a North Atlantic right whale.  Many thanks to Jenny Holland for her great idea and thorough reporting on this piece.

header-whale-necropsy-1-1200x577Eg2301, a North Atlantic right whale seen here with her calf, was later caught in fishing gear. She died in 2005 due to her injuries and the persistent, energy-sapping drag of the line. Photo by New England Aquarium taken under NOAA permit #775-1600-2

New publication on right whales & fishing gear entanglement, as documented in baleen

My latest article, Characterizing the Duration and Severity of Fishing Gear Entanglement on a North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena glacialis) Using Stable Isotopes, Steroid and Thyroid Hormones in Baleen, has just been published in Frontiers in Marine Science, part of the  Research Topic Integrating Emerging Technologies into Marine Megafauna Conservation Management.