Take a deep breath

Blue Planet II premieres January 20 (TOMORROW!!!) in the U.S.  Ed Yong called it “the greatest nature series of all time.”  Will you be watching?  If this trailer doesn’t get your heart racing, check your pulse – you might be dead.

That music, right??!!  The original score is by Hans Zimmer and Radiohead, and the lead track (Ocean) Bloom is actually a re-imagination of Radiohead’s 2011 track Bloom – which was inspired by the original Blue Planet series.  See it all come together here.

Besides being a captivating and educating series, Blue Planet II may help bring about stronger regulations of plastic pollutants.  After airing in the U.K., environment secretary Michael Gove was “haunted” by images in the series and is working to introduce stronger regulations on single use plastic bottles.  May we all be inspired to do our part.

via kottke